We have the solution you need whenever participants or speakers cannot attend an event face-to-face

If you find yourself here, we imagine it is because you need a cross-cultural communication service.


Here we are to open the window and let some A[i]R in!

If you are working with written texts, then you need a TRANSLATION service. For that, we kindly ask you to get in touch with agp traducciones, they will be able to help you.

If you are looking for a communication service travelling through the AIR, i.e., spoken communication, then keep on reading!

We know

… how much work it takes to organise an event with participants who speak different language, regardless of how big the event is.

The worst thing that could happen after so much effort is that people cannot communicate. That is why we are here, to enable that process and help communication flow like A[i]R.

We are here to help you find the most appropriate solution for your event, with a high-end service where the most important thing for you to do is to just go with (our) flow!


Sometimes you will need to have a booth (or several) in the meeting room so that the interpreters can interpret while the speaker intervenes (simultaneous interpretation), some other times we will have to sit by somebody attending a meeting and interpret what is discussed (chuchotage or whispered interpretation) or interpret a speech after the speaker is finished (consecutive interpretation).

We can always guide you so that communication flows in the best way possible in any situation. We can also offer advice on how to organise your event to save money without compromising quality.

Depending on the type of event or meeting you are organising, you will need a different type of interpretation.

Types of Interpretation

There are different interpretation services depending on the event you are organizing

Visiting facilities
Working groups
Press conferences

A[i]R System

A[i]R Interpretación is in a position to offer Remote Simultaneous Interpretation or Hybrid Interpreting solutions thanks to our proprietary “A[i]R System”. We work together with ISGAL Eventos to deliver interpretation services both using existing platforms or through our dedicated hub to offer you the best quality possible.

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The A[i]R flows if...

You put quality first

You are paying to have uphold your professional image, to achieve efficient communication, to ensure the success of your event and to get the best return on investment.

the interpreters are given enough documentation in advance so that they can prepare

Interpreting at an event is only a small share of the total work an interpreter does for a single assignment, regardless of actual duration.

Each event is budgeted properly

Interpreting is a demanding job that requires a great deal of concentration, that is why you might, more often than not, need two interpreters per language pair.

We are…

Francesca Carlucci

My experiences in the world of associations, music and theatre were the seed that stirred my curiosity to study foreign languages and cultures. Meeting new people, facing new challenges, and learning from others are still key elements of my work as an interpreter. I am also a teacher of Italian, and both activities, with the experience and expertise accrued through the years, have shown me that the best way to face any assignment is with openness, passion, personal joy and an eagerness to learn every day.

Andrea Gutiérrez

Although I have been working as a translator for many years, in A[I]R I am responsible for business organisation and management. Since 2001, I lead a translation company based in Vigo, Spain. We have been working with companies around us, both small enterprises as well as multinationals, and with different European institutions.

I see myself as a creative individual, with strong skills at organising people and needs, who loves challenges and is always capable of looking on the bright side of life in any situation.

Ana Mirás

Almost by chance, I could say that I was born an interpreter. I was raised in a multilingual environment, and this has now become my profession.

Using my working languages (French, Spanish and Galician) as a base, I specialized in training courses for mechanics and odontologists. I know this might sound a bit odd, but in our day-to-day work, we have to cater for the needs of a diverse customer base and offer them all top-notch interpreting services.

Due to our geographical context in Galicia, I am also familiar with a range of other topics; for example, anything related to fisheries or maritime affairs in general.

Each new assignment brings with it new knowledge that helps me improve my skills.

María Reimóndez

For over two decades, interpreting has been my passion. My working languages (Galician, English, Spanish and German) become the springboard that helps me learn all the time. Interpreting offers me the chance of meeting people and accessing topics that would be impossible otherwise.

Although they might sound like the opposite ends of the spectrum, I love both medicine and culture – and almost everything in-between. Unsurprisingly, writing is another passion of mine. And social justice, a further ever-present concern.